Laxmi Yantra: Holding Blessings of Goddess Laxmi

Published: 22nd December 2011
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Laxmi Yantra, also called as Sri Laxmi Yantra, is an astrological tool which is believed to hold the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Anyone who bear Laxmi Yantra and worships it with true devotion and dedications gets conferred with the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.

Significance of Laxmi Yantra
In the present time, life has turned its focus more on the practical aspects of life. However, even in those circumstances, spirituality and true knowledge unperturbedly hold its supreme position, with the same significance and influence in one’s life. In the light of it, one simply can’t deny of the importance of financial stability in one’s life. With the possession of Laxmi Yantra, one is able to arrive to the state of financial stability. There are some people who even after earning in abundance fails to score adequate numbers in their savings bracket, and then there are some others who fail to earn themselves plenty, on the first place. Laxmi Yantra controls the process and flow of wealth in your life, by creating an appropriate balance in between earnings and savings. Laxmi Yantra enhances the flow of earning in one’s life, and as well as confers with a sense to properly utilize that money in advantageous sources. Also, one draws and derives financial gains from unexpected sources.

As an impact of Laxmi Yantra, the bearer grows on the whole both in financial terms, as well on terms of reputation and status in society. Not only the bearer of the Yantra gets conferred with abundance of wealth, prosperity, and all luxuries of life and material world, but also gets rid of all the past financial debts. All the misfortunes with which one is associated with also get neutralized. Bearing of the very auspicious Laxmi Yantra ensures an even flow of contentment in life, and fills every aspect of one’s life with success. All the justified wishes and dreams of one’s life get fulfilled with the bearing and devoted worship of Laxmi Yantra and Goddess Laxmi. All the hurdles and problems of one’s life, which are impeding his success in life also gets eliminated. One gets liberated from tension and mental stress, and gains power, influence, and progress in personal and professional life. The place where Laxmi Yantra is established gets fulfilled with positivity energy and good luck.

Laxmi Yantra: Learn To Use
According to Vedic rituals and principles, Yantra are required to be possessed and used in a certain prescribed way. For the fact, everyone is aware of the fact that Yantras possess specific nature of energies which are engraved in it. These energies are decisive in deciding the nature of the impact which a particular Yantra is meant to make on its bearer. Laxmi Yantra, being a part of the world of Yantras, is also meant to abide by the certain rules which are required to be followed by anyone and everyone who wishes to have Laxmi Yantra. Consideration and following of these rules as a part of possessing Laxmi Yantra is highly important as it prominently defines the success or failure of the impact eventually created by the Yantra over its bearer.

Anyone who has a Laxmi Yantra should always place it either in the East facing direction or in the North facing direction. Also, the altar holding the Yantra must be ensured to keep clean. It is the responsibility of the bearer of the Yantra to maintain cleanliness of the Yantra and altar, as well as protection of it. He should ensure that no other person touches the Yantra, as it is considered to be an act of contamination. One should routinely wash the Laxmi Yantra with pure rose water or milk. After washing the Yantra, it should be properly rinsed, and dried before again establishing it in its altar. While worshipping the Laxmi Yantra, the bearer should apply four rounded dots of sandalwood paste around the four corners of the Yantra, which is placed in the centre. Bearer should also light an incense stick, or an oil lamp, and should also offer something as Bhog to Yantra. At the end of the worship ritual of the Yantra, one should chant the Mantra of Laxmi Yantra. The Mantra needed to be recited as a part of worship for Laxmi Yantra is “Om Shreeng Maha Lakshmaye Namah”. All the worship and rituals attached to Laxmi Yantra are needed to be performed only after taking a bath.

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